Whatever happened to positivity?

Don’t argue with one another and please hear me out

Sorry if I sound like a Millennial (ironic how I was born in 2003), but whatever happened to byte positivity? I mean, really.

I made a byte not so long ago about using byte and asking anything in the forums, but really though, isn’t it nice if we can all get along? Instead of just saying “no :heart:” and “kys Millennial :heart::heart:”, we can all get along and spread more positivity throughout the app, make a community that everyone will enjoy. Sure, Tiktok is getting banned in the United States, and everyone is moving on to byte, and getting used to it, but hear me out, we can make content that everyone from all ages can enjoy, Millennial or Gen Z, we can make this a great community if anything. So please, can we all just get along…?

We need to join open arms to face against the evils themselves known as boomers instead of going one another. We’re just like you, and you’re like us back in our teen/kids years. It’s best to team up and fight against corruption in the world. We need change, and that’s why I made this post to get into it. It’s best along if we can all just get together, make a change throughout the byte community, and make something better. Please, as a Zillennial (mixed Gen Z and Millennial) let’s team together, help others, and go after boomers instead.

Also to Gen Z’s, please continue reading on instead of just spamming the forums like a ignorant person


i really wish gen z and millennials would join forces, get along and go against the actual bad, corrupt generation, being the boomers…
not to go political or off topic, but those politicians/governments doesn’t care about us young people, whether we’re gen z or millennials. so yeah it makes no sense


:eye::lips::eye: I can do more than delete replies so pls be civil


ok i can’t stop singing the topic title to the Full House theme song lmao

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Deleted all arguing. Pls respect OP.


Thank you, Maddy. :clap:t2:


Hi, gen Z here. I wanted to just talk about the fact that we like you guys are fustrated and kinda confused too.
The thing is that we are trying to migrate from another app and with that brings its own problems that are very hard to explain.
Also gen Z isn’t as positive because the community we come from is very political and chaos fuiled.
Were being thrown around and I wouldn’t be surprised if we end up leaving in a while because we cannot predict what happens next.
The best I can say is this is just us trying to cope with a confusing situation-give or take if we do end up staying after a while we will probably get use to you and you will see less of the fairy comments.
Thank you for your understanding and no we don’t actually want you to die

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thanks for understanding. I do gotta admit though, we are sorta against each other as jokes, but we could just get along. We built the byte house for everyone to get along. you may see me as the emo roommate stuck in the 2000s with long hair, but y’know, showing that everything should be alright and the way we want it to be. Boomers however…they’re Karens.

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Guys the alt tik tokers and millennials need to joint together to take down the hype house

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Looked them up, and it’s best to get them to stay the fuck away from Byte. If they touch it, we gotta reject them. Please, Dom, if they come in, you gotta let them (Hype House) out

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We need to come up with a way to get them out

what about charli though.

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Fuck Charli and her drama of she comes everyone will come even the zonuts