What would your reaction be if you blow up on v2?

I would scream in my head (not out loud) and then go text all my friends in our group chat. After that I would probably go on houseparty (which if you don’t know is facetime but with multiple people) and talk to them about what I should do for several hours. Then I would probably go celebrate by eating some cocoa puffs or something lmao.

I doubt it would ever happen but I would be extremely grateful knowing there’s someone out there other than my dog who thinks I’m funny.

Same here. I would thank everyone for the support from when i started on Vine to Instagram and eventually V2 :sunglasses:. As long as i can make someone laugh and cheer them up from my videos then im happy. Success would be a bonus

Honestly i would try to become something and whatever money i make from it I’d give most of it to my mom for always giving things to me i know it kinda sounds like a Cliché, but it’s the truth

Honestry, I would keep it to myself but then when it explodes I will just be running around the house running into doors shousing I’M FAMOUSSSSSSSSSSS

i would shamelessly plug other my social media just in case the app shuts down again lmao
jk i would be very grateful and try to make the most of my 15 minutes of fame and help other creators blow up as well!

Glad it happened but I’d keep making content to keep my followers happy.

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If I blew up on V2 I would stay humble and just keep making videos like I would be before, Maybe collab and get more social media accounts just to talk to fans but I would stick with what made me big!

I would be extremely grateful, take a couple minutes to let it settle in, then go back to creating content for my supporters :blush: