What would your reaction be if you blow up on v2?

I’d be shocked and probably wouldn’t believe it at firts I think it would take a while to set in but then I would just carry on as usual and not let it go to my head


I’d probably go live and just freak out

I would be amazed and extremely happy :laughing:

I would be so happy and very proud of myself. That would honestly motivate me to keep it up, seeing that people actually like what i’m doing!

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I personally just want a few thousand ppl to know who I am and after that idc, but id be soooooo grateful and happy, idk the words to explain it…:joy::joy:

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First, I’d cry, lol. Then, I would work my ass off to keep it going. Then I would make a YouTube channel so I can make long form videos for my fans. Next, I would evaluate my earnings and see if I make enough to move to LA. Them idk, I’d figure it out.

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Same bro

Oh shit, you plan everything

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Really? i mean really Daniel Radcliffe did that?

Yeah, I keep thinking about blowing up that I’ve pretty much planned everything if that happens lol

hahahah amazing

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Be so stoked and grateful to the grind

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I would be surprised and I would take a deep breath and say “I finally made it!” After that I would thank the people who made it haooy and I would be grateful.

My reaction knowing I made it big on V2 is me quitting my job for a 6 sec vid and I would probably make a YouTube video saying I made it or something.

“Noice, real noice”

Share the love to mah team yuh!!

i know i won’t blow up hahahaha

Serious note: So this notion can go over some people’s head.if you ever do hit that lucky stardom moment, be prepared to embrace a lot of weird hate. I can think about a few things that will come back to haunt me cause apparently if you have some sort of stardom, it’s selfish to focus on yourself.

The things that can affect you that you will need to embrace:

  • Any friend (s) that you have lost contact with may come back with the “hey, how’s it going.” They’ll ask you for time to hangout and now since you’re busy with the fame, you’ll probably not be able to manage that. So they’ll think you’re “selfish” or a phony. Good luck!

  • Problems that you’ve had with being in the spotlight can affect you if you don’t have a plan. It could feel like you’re going to owe a lot of people things (which you might). But remember this, your mental and physical health are the two most important factors. If you’re not 100%, then you can’t give your fans 1000%!

  • Lack of Content Ideas. I firmly believe if you don’t take a different approach in the future after your said success, you’ll become a bore or a thing in a past. Your fans will probably still be there but maybe the attention to your craft isn’t as top tier as it should be. This can affect your mental health a bit if you overthink things and end up not making things anymore. BEWARE

  • Trolls will appear like they always do everywhere. Best thing (opinion) to combat this is to ignore it. Maybe ignoring doesn’t work for you: what do you do? You can do what Alessia Cara does and close up the comment section. If you put your account on private (if that’s a feature), you’ll show the trolls you’ve won. That’s a NO NO! You got to own it! snaps fingers

  • Finally, hacking your account will probably be prevalent. You’ve gain more attention and now people want to target you beyond trolling. Always keep a back up key (password). @dom a Two Step Password Login will be awesome if implemented!! This can reduce the attempt to hack an account.

Thanks for reading if you read it all. :smiley:


Me… Tooo…

I highly doubt myself but ima grind all the way… then cry… cry a lot…