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All of these things.

Lol but if I had to pick ONE thing I’d say maybe the ability to create playlists on your profile or something like that.


Either profile videos, or a way to pin videos to your profile.


As I remember it, I felt that it had everything that I wanted (and nothing that I didn’t). I think I had an issue accessing some of my voice memos, but that was a bug, I think.

If I needed to do any fine tuning to a video, I’d put it in iMovie and export it.

Perhaps the v2 camera can have a low-light mode, so instead of shooting at, say, 30fps, it shoots at 15fps. If you have a good iOS camera app, you can do this without v2, but it’s just nice to have it built-in for those who want it.

Maybe v2 users should have the ability to tip with cryptocurrencies, like maybe Dogecoin or something.


Live feature

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@Breahcaleo like a rt?

Bumping this to the Ideas & Feature Requests category.


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aw @Parkachu already used a link i was gonna use. aw rip


No, like on Facebook how you can do profile videos… or like in twitter you can pin tweets, that you want everyone to see, to your profile…

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Collabs from a distance!! :hugs:


There should be a way to sort of dm other users

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