What would you like the design to be

Sadly that was just the promo, to announce they are creating a app like the old vine, but they can’t use that because it is owned by twitter so they would have to fully start over with a whole new logo/design/concept!

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I meant that color :sweat_smile: not the design if I made that a bit confusing lol

Unless that is what you mean


I just meant towards the color green :sweat_smile: sorry if I wrote it incorrectly lol

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I think I was talking about the whole theme, not just color. But I seriously would love the color if we could

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Sadly even with the color it resembles the old app, that is owned by twitter, so they are basically forced to start over with new everything! For legal reasons.

Yes! I agree

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Because I feel like color should not be reason because most games/social media use a color similar to one another. I may be totally wrong about it though

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That’s true though! we can only hope :slight_smile:

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Do you guys think that if dom wanted to make app green he would’ve made this forum green?:thinking::thinking:

Not sure! This is just a generic form, off of a platform, im not sure if they could design it or not. I think he probably didn’t think like that, he probably just thought, It is simply where people can share ideas

:thinking::thinking: I can’t make heads or tails of Dom sometimes

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oh im dumb lmao

I doubt it 12 char

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I wish they could Up the post limit :frowning: now I have to wait 23 hours

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Personally, I would love to see the ability to customize the color of the app, along with light/dark mode. Giving users more customization over the way their app looks would be something that could help v2 stand out even more from other social media platforms.

(Dom discussed the possibility of a dark mode here.)

I would love the ability to customize the color of the app :joy:

i like the green that he showed on twitter but i would love a customizable profile. Customizable v2 profile?

that’s terrible but i hope the setup to be comfy, no idea what color i want it to be

It will probably be the color we choose if we have options to change it. Like the way you can change it on Ask.fm. On ask.fm you can change it to purple, red, orange, blue, pink, etc PhotoGrid_1516330239993

Just basically a resemblance as the old one. Definitely the part where you have different categories on your profile of the videos you liked and the videos you favorited. Also able to save a vine that you don’t want to post yet in a draft so you can always look back at it, the one minute videos, post notification, commenting maybe adding gifs would be fun and of course the loop videos!