What would you have done in this situation? (Beggars)

So I’m walking into target, and immediately notice a middle aged man in brand new Jordan’s, Nike shirt and shorts with gold chains and a Gucci belt standing right outside the entrance with a “spare change” sign. So I call him out on his very expensive clothing and he tells me he was a gunnery sergeant with the US Army, which is completely inaccurate because a “gunnery sergeant” is a marine core rank, which has nothing to do with the army. He begins to now start yelling at me and causing a scene because I wouldn’t buy him a 12-pack of Budweiser or cigarettes. I just laughed at him and walked into target. I’m just curious how others would have handled it, would you have gave him some money? Would you have bought his lazy ass some beer and cigarettes?


i don’t have my own money wtf am i gonna give someone else


:joy: your response has me dying

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I would have kept walking into the store minding my own errands. I’ve helped enough people in my life (which doesn’t mean I wont give more), and been turned down enough to know that I have my own problems.


I woulda just ignored him tbh.


i would have trolled him

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Well I’m not old enough to buy any beer so… :joy::joy::joy:

Also if he started yelling at me I would’ve honestly had no choice but to roast the hell outta him and leave. Nothing personal, just business.

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I would keep walking and go about my own business :thinking:

Walking past doing nothing makes you look “normal”, I guess, that’s not the best way to explain it; that’s why in london, people make v*nes in public and people around them are like :neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face:

“Be happy”

My parents are pretty religious and my dad is a preacher lol. But he looks at it this way, if you give them money and they actually need it good on both of you, but if they are just scamming that on them and God lol. My mother was once in a situtation where this lady with her kids were asking her for money to pay for gas and their was a station like 50 feet away and my mom told the lady to pull up their so she can pay. And the lady drove away because my mom didnt give her the money directly she was gonna pay for the gas and not for her to scam others and keep the rest lol.


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Literal nightmare fuel.


I would’ve gave him something, helped him figure out why he was scamming people into giving him money and then help him improve his life. I believe that even though people do some messed up stuff that you can change their mindset and help them live a honest and positive life


Bruh :joy:

i would of just recorded him and make its meme. then enjoy my time at target :slight_smile:.



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with gucci chain why not (sarcasm) lol