What would you do?

If you knew you were gonna die tomorrow from a giant meteor, and you could do anything you’ve always wanted to do, what is that one thing? If you don’t have anything, how would you spend your final day?

I’d go on a hot air ballon super baked, watching the sun sent, while drinking hot chocolate.

But In a more realistic note, I’d love to spend time with my family and friends, hanging out playing games and what not. Then on the final hours we’d all just feast on all our favorite foods and just pig out.

I know this is kinda dark, but I’m just curious about what people would say.

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I’d go somewhere tropical I never have been any where tropical

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I’d spend it with my family. I know I complain about how much they annoy me but I really do love them.


I’d overdose on Big Macs and strawberry shakes. What a way to go am I right?


Same haha

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Sky diveeee, id try to do that and probably I would tell and say stuff that I NEED to.

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Probably just watch the news story of it as I watch my untimely demise :neutral_face:

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acid tbh lmao I’d want the end of the world to be trippy af


I feel you :joy: I don’t like them sometimes but I do love them

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The best way to go :joy:

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Count me in :joy:

You really want expert huh

Not really :joy: if I wanted it Id comment and like other post :joy: I’m only doing my post hehe
And the homies idk about the randoms

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Fair enough

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The only way to go

I would go to the nearest grocery store, buy all the foods and drinks that I love and have a huge party with my fam and friends

get fam and friends, meet y’all, and meet ma heroes. gotta do dat before ze end

I would have a big party with my friend or I would like to be at the beach of Los Angeles and hang out with friends (trying new things and fun stuff).

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