What would vine look like in 2020?

This is to say that Twitter didn’t change much and kept the original look and feel of the app.

What are your thoughts on this design? Could you see byte adopting this style if a /vine (/vyte) community every comes to fruition. Should I make another version that would emulate that?

Hot steaming garbage. Or Instagram. It kinda started going that way.

@bleach_dispenser :hocho: :heart:ouch

:joy: But come on, it was becoming exclusive and impossible for new users to gain a following unless you were a meme account. Like Instagram! Vine was already going down a bad road before it got bought out and shutdown. It’s the inevitability of a successful social media platform.

And I’ve just realised you were solely talking about aesthetics… My bad.

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Obviously, Vine may have pioneered short form videos but tiktok knew how to monetize. Twitter killed vine and I don’t believe they will ever revive it.

Anyway, I put that together initially to show how a vine-esque UI for a potential /vyte community could be a kinda fun funky idea, this would be an app in an app approach similar to how reels works in Instagram. With thoughts that it could act as a nice area to re-upload your old vines and make new 6.5 sec videos. I think that would really appeal to those who want this app to stay grounded to its roots even in the modern era.

I’d be happy to show more of my idea, because the fact of the matter it would just be so cool.

If they were to do something like that then surely just making it look like vine would be the idea to go with? Its not going to be very nostalgic otherwise.

It would be cool definitely to have a vine channel at least. I’d like to see your design of that or your vine in byte idea.

I think byte has their hands full copying tiktok without taking on reels too :joy:

Lol, well idk if tiktok doesn’t die it will be time for byte to find their niche. Even though nostalgia only goes so far getting people on the app and uploading is priority #1, and nostalgia will most certainly do that.

I don’t know what you’re talking about now. I thought you were suggesting a vine section within byte so I suggested rather than a new design it would make sense to make it look like vine as apart from nostalgias sake what’s the point?

Byte has its niche. Dom and his loop, and they’ll practically be chopping that tech out in the future for the sake of becoming more like everybody else :disappointed: so maybe a vine within byte would actually be necessary to keep a now much less important user base happy. I don’t know if that makes sense, I’m very sleep deprived.

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Yes, that’s exactly what I mean. Byte’s gonna be a lot like tiktok from here on out.

The vyte channel would be a completely different look and feel from the rest of the app, which is kinda out there but I could see it working. I’ll get around to making a new topic where I’ll have more concepts of the app in an app strategy.

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Personally, I’d rather see any extended videos be cordoned off in their own section. Could be called BytBok :rofl: like how vine had the 140(?) second limit vids kinda separated from a classic vine.