What would be your thoughts on a serious v*ne?

This suddenly came to my mind out of nowhere.
A large majority of videos on vine used to be comedic, do you think that someone would be able to pull off something serious?

I don’t really know how you would be able to make something serious in 6 seconds.
The only thing that comes to mind are those relaxing videos of the ocean, or short travelling videos, but those aren’t really “serious”, it’s just places I guess, but they were something different, and refreshing.


I would enjoy it because no one made serious videos

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News report in six seconds.

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Lolollol news report, but damn I can’t possibly think of a serious 6 sec video… Maybe about short life hacks or something

Lmfaoo, that would be interesting :joy:

Interesting to watch, I shall say

As long as vine isn’t overrun with them, like it may be refreshing between all the other stuff though

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I agree! I definitely wouldn’t want it to take over the comedy side that everyone loves

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I think they may be interesting, im not sure how well it would capture a large audience though… only one way to find out

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