What will you produce in v2?

I think it goes without saying may of us cannot contain our excitement with the planned release of v2 and what it will bring for all of us content creators. And by now I’m sure everyone is completely buzzing with ideas on what to make when v2 is finally released.

So before that days comes, what kind of videos are you gonna want to be making and why?


I wanna make videos that’ll I’ll have fun making and people will enjoy watching


same here basically :wink: will mainly make them music and comedy based I think


i was a big fan of irham and i want to make weird meme edits like him but I also want to do comedy. My influences during the time v*ne was around were wtf von, quensadilla, better call saul, destin conrad etc.

I will do comedy and typical situations :laughing:

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I wanna make comedy videos cause I just love to put a smile on people’s face, plus making people laugh is what im really good at .

same here and possibly dank memes and vids of my dog as requested

Comedy and singing videos :slight_smile:


a lot of comedy (pretty basic one I guess lol) and maybe some random stuff? I dint want to confine myself to just comedy, but that’s all. I really have planned at the moment lol

whatever i’ll produce, I won’t to tell you

Some jokes maybe memes idek lol only time will tell

stupid sh*t

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Armchair travel, in addition to some nature and domestic scenes. Also, I’ll be reusing some ideas from Vine, including original music (what little I wrote).

Honestly just comedy skits and videos of random people doing funny things in public. I just want to make people laugh and feel good.

i’d create something i would enjoy, as well as many others, but having it be different in certain ways .


My music, pranks:joy:, Funny moments , and a lot of smiles:rofl:.

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