What will you do? Square or Portrait

Square or Portrait? Let me know!


So yeah, I know there are quite a few posts talking about square or portrait (fullscreen) videos. BUT, this one is different. Dom has confirmed that we can upload both ratios. Which one will you be primarily choosing?

(btw, this is how the app looks like with portrait/fullscreen videos)

  • Square
  • Portrait

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I’m curious to see which ratio will be preferred.


seems like the fav so far is square :thinking:

And rightly so.


Square for sure!

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Since its multi ratio, and because of the way design of the app (from the link), both might work just fine
I probably will experiment with both, but might just stick to portrait


I’ll do both

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I’m leaning more towards square for now

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ah that’s cool



mix of the two

Gotta see how it is, but I’d want square to give it that nostalgic feel


It took be awhile to get used to square, but now I love it. I assume it’ll be the same thing with portrait. It’ll take a little while to get used to it, but then I’ll dig it.

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I wanna use portrait because it seems like something dom himself wanted in the app and was really excited for. I also think it makes byte even more special, and differentiates the type of media shown on it by when using portrait :grin:

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yeah i think dom prefers portrait

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Honestly I miss the days of just videos only being on a computer. With the rise of smart speakers who knows how long that will change video consumption

vertical videos are becoming more popular now with literal music videos filmed on it and tik tok being only portrait. I mean this trend will probably die, but I still low key like it