What will you all be doing next

since we finally got our answer and the app isn’t coming anytime soon, what is everyone’s next move? i know a lot of you want to sit here and wait for v2 to be created but the truth is, if you want to be a creator or “famous” in anything, if you don’t want to lead a regular life and end up having to get a regular job, you can’t sit around and wait for something to just magically happen and make your life better. try a new app, build your following there, it might be a bit more difficult and not as fast to do so but who cares nothings ever gonna come easy. bottom line, if YOU want something, then YOU have to push yourself to get that something. with that being said, what apps will everyone be using? since we have a good number of people on the forums, we can always get each others info on this forum, follow each other on whatever app people are using, and start the following off from there.

  • Musically
  • Oevo
  • Instagram
  • Youtube

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here’s a poll, with the results everyone can find out where people are gonna be moving, follow each other there, and start them off. don’t try to give up now cause v2 isn’t coming, it’s not the only app out there.


No Oevo for me! :joy: But I’m just gonna keep waiting until it releases.


Ouch 0% Oevo so far


I’m more of a casual when it comes to socials. I just take pictures, short video here, and there with instagram or boomerang. But I did happen to find some other applications that are somewhat “new.” /tbh I found these trying think of names for this post here: Blur, and Cluster.


Oevo is a noe-go for me


Im loyal to v2 but I’m hungry to start posting…which is why Oevo for now


I already have an Instagram but I won’t be using it for comedic purposes but just to keep in touch with my friends.

Oevo took ages to download… And when it did, I thought f*ck it and deleted it. Waste of space if u ask me


The app is somewhat better on iOS than android

Everythings better on IOS :joy::joy:

youtube, just random vids for fun.

musically is swarmed with people who are around 12, and I’ve yet to see a single funny video on oveo

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I guess youtube even though it’s extremely saturated, ughhh this is rough

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What do you think of shooting vine like vids on Musically? Its not completely as saturated as YT or Insta

Nah… musically is waaay too basic asf

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What does that mean could ya specify

That could work. Vine was never meant to be what it was turned into, and it worked out great for the creators and the app in terms of success.

Ok this is really good, so I’ve talked to some people in the twitter group chat, would everyone whose making a YouTube channel be down for following each other and giving each other a small starter following? Then viewing each other’s videos? Might as well support each other somehow right?

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What group chat are you referring to? Because this sounds like a pretty good idea.

Just a twitter group chat, there’s another thread for it somewhere. Anyways I’ll be making a thread later for all people planning to start a YouTube channel and we can follow each other there.

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Cool, keep me posted please