What will we call v***s/v***rs on v2?

Dom has made it clear that v2 is not affiliated with Vine. So where does that leave us as far as terminology goes? Surely the terms will manifest naturally and probably we’ll still call vines “vines” but what about the creators? @dom has used “artists” as a firm new term for influencers on v2 but will that catch on colloquially? I tend to doubt it. But maybe! It’s all very exciting.

What do you all think?

Also - it’s difficult to wade through the waters here in the forum. Apologies if I’m committing a repost sin here!


There are many topics about it, but my suggestion has always been Vs (or Vves). Like giving a V or you Vved it. A V (or Vves) has 300Vs (or Vves)


Here’s a topic that is kind of similar to yours :slight_smile:


I don’t know, I think this really depends on what the app name will be.

you can call them whatever you want colloquially :wink:


it’s interesting that “best vines” is a verified account with close to 10 million followers on instagram


Make money from it too

Most of the videos on their page aren’t even vines so :woman_shrugging:t2::roll_eyes:


yoo i think viners will be called artist and its kinda cool that we get a platform where we could focus on entertaining peoples instead of making content for money like youtube and etc.

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Climbers? Loopers? The old “creators” term.

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haha good point. but could you imagine a “best v2s” account name? Just wouldnt gain as much traction. The community will have to quickly adopt a word for the videos (loops IMO isn’t bad) and run with it. From a branding/advertising/impressions perspective this word should be set as a precedent by the app IMO. It will be much easier for people to catch on and all start using the same or similar terminology.

Snapchat has Snaps, Insta and Facebook have their respective stories, “Twitter video” is bland and unappealing, but they each all come from the root name of the App.

I think branding going forward for V2 will be really important, so the artstyle, terminology and appeal all match. (Think back to these qualities of the original Vine when branding things in V2)


Will the seconds of the video will be long?FB_IMG_1507429370933

According to the official thread by @dom the people who make the 6-second videos will be called creators/artists. v2 is completely different from vine, this is to prevent copyright infringement and problems with Vine’s current owner, Twitter.

Here’s the official thread :wink:

Every thing exept “viners” because vine is owned by twitter. Is that it ?

I like Vves haha. Though I’m up for anything really