What Will V2 Derive Revenue From? - Another Idea!

I got inspiration from this post by spencerros and a comment in reply to it by @ash .

He mentioned adding stabilization to your video, @ash then said that it might be a tricky & advanced feature… unless people pay… So here’s my idea:

How about such features, but then as feature that has to be payed for? (don’t have a heart-attack, please, I’m not talking large sums :sweat_smile: :joy: )
But then there are quite a few questions to ask within the field of ‘pay-for-feature’ such as:

  • Is it a 1-time purchase?
    • If so, will it be bound to 1 single account? Or can the same e-mail/phone number use it on all their owned accounts?
  • Is it a small fee (ranging from a few cents (10 - 20 or so) to a dollar) per use?
    • Maybe include an option: “Try out this feature for the first time!” with a very low price (like up to 10 cents, maybe even less)
  • Is it a small fee for a certain amount of uses (for instance: pay //insert price// and get //x amount// of uses)
    • “Uses” only applies once the clip is posted , removing or editing the clip would not restore the use to your remaining uses. This avoids even more complexity in creating this feature.
  • Is it more like a subscription? (1/3/6/9/12 months or 1/2/3 weeks of unlimited use)

p.s. I just read that @dom had an idea for a cent per comment, so I guess this is also relates to that? Feedback would be great!

OH ALSO p.s. again – With these “pay-for-use-features” I don’t mean every single feature, I mean things that you can use to flesh out your content more, etc. Such as @spencerross his idea of video stabilization :hugs:

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These ideas are good, but I believe that most of them have already been mentioned in this topic

Also, since the ideas all pertain to this topic, and fall under it, I believe the community guidelines would request that you post your ideas inside that existing topic. :slight_smile:


Oh woops! I’ve been going through as many as I can to avoid this, had my blinders on apparently? :thinking: :joy: Thanks for letting me know, I’ll post it in a comment there now! :hugs:

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Since the revenue topic is very vague & has 100+ posts, this thread is a good place to expand points & add on to the specific feature!

I like the idea of in-app purchases for video editing. The more you pay, the more advanced. And depending on how much it costs the team to build, I’m sure it would ultimately be much cheaper than purchasing premier pro or an advanced version of iMovie. Plus, you can do it on your phone!


Thank you :hugs: ! Exactly my thoughts haha, could be quite a cool thing :slight_smile:

This was my idea:

As follower you can do everything as everyone.

As subscriber you can have special badges to put next to your name and a special comment section on your subscribed user’s videos.
Also the emotes.

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what you are proposing will make it unfair for the younger ones without cash i woldent mind a small ad banner on the top or something or ads in between vines like they do in snap chat and Instagram

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I can see where you’re coming from, though I do disagree that it would be completely unfair to younger users.

To my knowledge younger kids that are allowed to use apps/online games etc. who want to purchase in-app things either use their pocket-money, or ask their parents/guardians for some cash. (I just ‘know’ this from family, friends and acquaintances so it isn’t like it is research based, but that is my take on it haha :slight_smile: )

Anyhow…Personally I think that keeping prices super-duper low (as I said…not huge amounts! :slight_smile: ) would actually make it accessible to younger users too, considering they will indeed have much less (pocket money) or no money at all… Having prices in the ranges of cents to a dollar or so would then mean that they too can get cool extras.

Again, I don’t mean that all video-editing features should be pay-to-use! Maybe just the more complex/fancy ones like the example of video-stabilisation? :thinking: At the very least basic editing functions should be accessible for everyone/most

Now that we’re talking about kids and unfairness etc…I guess it could make certain users feel at an unfair disadvantage if they don’t have money to spend on such things :thinking::thinking:

But in that case … if there would be a system in place that every week (for example) there is a selection of a few ‘pay-to-use’ video-editing features being free, then even those who don’t have the money can still get to play around with the pay-to-use features (sometimes)!:smile:

  • Example: In League of Legends there is a weekly free champion rotation, with this system in place (new) players get to play champions that they do not have in their possession, like this they still get to try them out and also they can find out if they would purchase
    I’m not advertising for them I just figured it was a good example of what I meant haha

Oh… ended up typing a whole essay, sorry :no_mouth::no_mouth::no_mouth:

i my self am a teenager tho i dont have cash i do have bitcoin if there is a way that the devs an implement
payment via crypto as well im ok with it

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I believe I did see some discussion on using cryptocurrency somewhere… But I am not sure exactly where and about what precisely anymore :thinking:
Adding crypto as an option for payment seems like a pretty cool idea though, as long as it doesn’t over complicate things too much for the developers of v2…then I’m pretty sure they would consider it ! :hugs:

all they wold really need to do is add a coin base payment option shouldn’t be more complected than adding a paypal payment option :smiley:

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If it is that simple then surely they would add that option :thinking::smile: