What will the videos/‘v***s’ be called?

Will they be called vines or v2’s? Anyone got any names or confirmation of the possible names!

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Here’s the thread for this:


I’m thinking something like v’s or vees. Maybe still vines…? Or possibly v2’s?

@BratKneeD thank you!

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I feel like anything other than ‘vines’ will take a while to get used to and people might just still call them vines anyway.

Hey there are already a few threads about this. I’ll link one so you can check it out :slight_smile:

Oh sorry I didn’t realize someone already linked that :joy:

too slowww :wink:

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i feel like if v2 is coming back, and not under the official name of "vine, although we all know it’s connected to vine that it should stay away from titling it anything that resembles vine for the sake of something feeling new and exciting.

Haha university WiFi when there are over 10000 people on it :skull:

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Maybe the same, i hope.

I think it should be called a v. v’s for pural

Or vees. That’s be pretty good. I like the sound of that. The artists could be called 2ers as well. I’m going to go over to the other thread now though