🎥 What Will Happen to V2? + VERO and OEVO

Hi everyone. I recorded an in-depth video about the announcement Dom made about V2 a few days ago and just posted that on YouTube: https://youtu.be/_0UsqfGO9pw

There’s a bit of history about Vine in the video, and I also give my thoughts about VERO and OEVO in the video as well.

Tom xo


I enjoyed the video man. I would definitely recommend this video to let people understand what’s going on. Keep making them dude!


Changing to Promote Yourself

So there’s also An app called vero?

Yeah… Seems kinda shady though, so you probs shouldn’t download it.

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Great video! Informational but you’re also so entertaining :black_heart:

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Thank you!

Good video mate!

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