What will creators be called?

Artists :slight_smile:

I mean we’ll have to see what the app is actually called? Don’t think the final version will be V2, if Dom wants it to be it’s own thing it won’t be called V2

Right but when someone says vner you know they are from vne. Artists is even more general than creators.

Just add ER to whatever the name will be.

If it’s V2. Then we’re V2ers. :joy:

I believe V2-artists

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Hmm… how about just a V2 artist? It’s kinda funny saying “I’m a V2er” , something has to flow more than that I feel like :thinking:

The concept of both v2 and the vine is same, which is to create a 6.5 sec creative looping video. But, the only difference here is the name. So, the artists of the v2 can be called as viners too…

Some people were saying the app should be called loop and that we should be called loopers

Dom said we’ll call Artists

To my knowledge dom is calling people artists or creators… obviously we can be called whatever but I imagine someone will think of something and it’ll catch on.

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Probably something dope! :joy:

artists most likely :wink:

I will be called DIVA

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I will be called “The Baddest B!tch”

They will be called da commanders

Personally I’m not a fan of “artist”. It’s just such a vague and generic term and it doesn’t invoke any sort of identity or tie to the platform in the way that “Youtuber” or “Viner” does with their respective platforms.

v2ers or creators I guess.

Can’t lie. This is a tough one to answer. V2 creator seems ok to me

Viners I suppose