What will carry over from the last version of V1

Will any of the parts of the original vine’s most updated version before being shut down, such as putting music in videos, be carried over to V2?


The only part that I know so far that is staying the same is the 6 to 6.5 second videos and also that they loop.

I would also like to know this as Twitter owns Vine technically. How does that work? Is anything being ported over or are we starting from scratch again?

I believe dom said that we would have to start over again, which I honestly dont mind because now everyone is starting on a level playing field


definitely 6.5 second limit for videos, hopefully the option to make your profile a different color like the original vine? also direct messaging in the app makes a comeback

We should start a formal wish list thread!


How would i do that, im new to a forum like this

I would love to suggest these changes on v2 these might fix all of Vine original problems
V2 should keep the same features as vine had
_no need to restore the old vines it will take too much time (sorry)
_the trending page should feature vines for content and not determined by views or follower count
_ the main page of the user could feature a pin system where the user can pin an ad so whoever goes to page of the user can see the ad first
_sponsorship vines and the ability to add links to the description
_the same creators can not be featured on the trending page more than three times a week
_the ability to favorise vines and the more you
You get favourite the more you get the chance of being part creators of the week witch displays your vines in the trending page
_the concept of favorite points you can only have one a day and you use it to favor a vine and the vines that have the most favorite point get to be in the trending page

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