What will Byte do for the world?

Byte is finally coming and its timing could not be more perfect. Many evils in the world have appeared since the tragic shutdown of vine all those years ago. Personally I believe Byte is coming to end the tyranny of the horror known as TikTok. Byte will expunge it from the face of the planet and Don will be hailed as a hero for destroying TikTok once and for all.

This is my thoughts for how Byte will change the world, what do you guys think Byte will do for the betterment of society?


I personally don’t want Tik Tok to die. I hope hit sticks around so all the cringy kids can still post there, while leaving the less cringy stuff to byte.


Byte will probably spread in America, then spread to Canada, and then Mexico after enough buzz is around to get people of another language involved. Once it takes over the North American Continent, South America will be next. Because of the similar languages spoken, it will spread like a supervirus until everyone has the app. In the meantime of the South American boom, the UK and other English speaking countries will have the app as well, making the byte app already popular in 3 major regions of the world. Because of the greatness of byte, article 13 will be completely erased from existence. Byte will then spread more and more, from Europe to Asia, and Asia to Africa, and so on until it’s taken over the earth.

Then there’s the Mars colony.

After Elon successfully settles his space habitats on Mars, a new region of human existence will be born. Byte, already carrying on countless traditions from the Earth, and having it’s overwhelming popularity, will continue to take over the solar system, then the galaxy, and eventually the universe. All will be perfect in the end.

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but seriously though, I think it’ll be a great creative hub for people to really enjoy making real, quality content again (hopefully) :smile:


What I’m hoping it will do is still bring those simple times we enjoyed a few years ago. I think it will be new things to make people laugh again. What I’ve noticed is funny videos travel from twitter and to instagram, and i hope that comedy makes it to byte. Then we can watch byte compilations


You and I share the same hope, honestly vine was a much simpler time. Though I think everyone has steered so far from the simplicity it cannot be regained, Instagram, tik tok, Twitter, a cesspool of horror, YouTube have came down hard on people by demonetizing a lot of things forcing people to get their act together. But once byte comes I hope that it enforces their guidelines to keep the app user and content creator friendly


I believe Byte will raise the level of transcendent consciousness of the general populous until peak resiliency in depth of fathominzation has been accomplished in exceeding the scope of ultimate realization; spurring humanity to, at long last, dab on the haters.

… Lol :rofl: I’m just trying to make a funny post like @arf.


It will be a big deal
1 because everyone used to love vine
2 it’ll be simple to use like the previous app
3 we all love comedy or just dumb and funny videos.
We all need to laugh once in a while for health, ( that’s a fact) and this app offers that. And it’s another way to entertain people something that it’s necessary for humans, cause we sometimes need to stop whatever we are doing and just relax for a second, due to this world that we live nowadays that everything pass so fast and we don’t enjoy our life

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I think it will do quite a bit of good for the World but will have to wait and see

I want to use the power this apps give us to inspire people, to become better and to improve the world. A few ex viners used their world influence to help the world such as Jerome Jarre, I hope things like that get to happen because of byte.

I hope it brings sketch comedy back as a trending thing of the internet, improv is the thing right now and not a lot of people are good at it

This is wonderful, if this comes true this could be a passage in a textbook one day good sir. Displaying the world domination byte accomplished!

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LMAO @arf but for real byte is gonna make the internet great again



We can only use the most advanced vocabulary when asserting our superior knowledge over TikTok. Join me as we dust of the good ol thesaurus and burn the midnight oil.


Alas, I have been swayed in the ever-convincing winds of your persuasiveness, I will join you in your efforts to enhance, nay, reimagine our common usage of the English lexicon for the sake of demonstrating beyond the shadow of a doubt our superiority.


2019 shall be the year of the byte…tiktok shall be in its shadow

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I think byte is definitely going to be the next big thing in the social media platform world. I dont think it will take tik tok out which I do not want it to because i rather have people post their annoying videos there lol.

also its not Byte it is byte. lol small little thing but the B is lower case :stuck_out_tongue:

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Greatest prediction of the future.

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