What will be your first V2 video?

I can’t wait to get back to making videos and sharing my music on v2! :microphone::tada::call_me_hand:t3:
Is anyone already planning their first video on v2, and what will it be? What ideas do people have? :eyes::iphone:


I will do something about sports. Is there any other sport creator?.

I have 20 different ideas but i dont know which of all I will use

Yep, they are Fitness people on the community

Depends on when it comes out. Probably something comedic related to Wifey being pregnant. XD

It’s probably gonna b me screaming at my TV while watching stranger things

I have too many ideas to choose from

If we’re able to upload from our gallery, I’ll most likely use one I already have on my phone…I actually have some ready, that I’ve made in the last few months… but if we can’t upload from our gallery I guess I’ll have to come up with something at the moment.

Probably me bugging my sister in our new apartment or both of us freaking out about a cartoon

A very quick intro

My first video Wil literally be a quick comedy intro about the new app. Already my wrote the script. It’s 2 words long :joy:


Defiantly gonna start with some kind of music of comedy vid. Maybe an edit. The pasta-bilities are endless! (Laughs Uncomfortably)

Explaining how v2 vids are made

I want to do comedy vids but I kind of already started on oevo

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A cover of Shawn Mendes!

a few non-sense “what the hell did I just watch” type things and then a proper intro later!