"What We Dig"

I tried to skim through and see if anything similar was suggested but didn’t find anything. If I was blind, I apologize lmao but, alas, here is my idea!

I thought it would be cool to have a folder to the effect of “What We Dig” where different V2 staff members can share different videos they like. This folder would refresh every week. The kicker, they would choose from user submissions

Allowing any and every user to submit videos would be asinine so I would further suggest requirements such as

  • identity verification
  • X amount of followers
  • X amount of likes on the vine
  • X amount of days as a user
  • Etc

Another kicker would be to highlight the staff member who picks these videos.

So, for example, the person would click the tab “What we dig”. There would be a headline that says “What John Digs” (John, being the staff member who curated those vines). Maybe even a cute little selfie above it and staff position? Under That, They would find a tiny paragraph that says something to the effect of
"This is John. John has been working at V2 for 33 days and in a loveless marriage. (just kidding lmao( that wouldn’t actually be in the paragraph hahaha)). He loves classic rock and spends his free time working on his bike or checking out local shows".

Under that, you would find his video curation which would consist of talented rock musicians, maybe some talented cyclists and things to that effect.

After a while, you can begin to allow popular V2 artist curate this section. This would further allow variety. Let’s say no one on the V2 staff is particularly interested in makeup, you could find a popular makeup artist on V2 and ideally a bulk of their curated videos would be other makeup artists!

Down the road, you can add celebrities, brands and even upcoming movies into the mix! Let’s say an animated movie is coming out, their curated week can feature various user animations whilst also promoting their movie.

and Yeah, that’s the gist of that idea :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::grin::metal:


This is a great idea!


There are a few similar topics about certain categories they’d like to see on the app, but they’re mostly vague.

With that being said, I think this is a cool idea! It would also allow them to promote smaller artists.



Seems similar to this thread:


i think this is a very intriguing idea, and allows/encourages the staff members to be more involved in the community

really love this idea



Hey! Please check out this similar thread! :slightly_smiling_face:


Pretty smart and unique!


Ya beat me to it haha


Did you read this first, it is pretty detailed


read my reply above please.

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i’m glad you guys dig it! :grin:

I’d also like to add, that as far as submitting goes, I would say to have the submission option appear only after the user and video has met those requirements to keep it as uncluttered as possible!

Agreed it is more specific. But still in relation to. I like the idea of staff hand picking a couple of creations or artists to showcase.

Curated Spotify lists are set up like this. With an author and description.

It’s a good idea that the staffers could pick from a user submitted list.

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This is such a unique idea… and honestly I love it! This would be such a cute feature to have!