What was your first phone?

Long story short, I was talking to my co workers about the first phone they had and most of them said Motorola Razr and SideKicks.

Asking the V2 Forum, what was the first phone y’all had.

Mine was a flip phone


It was a small samsung with keyboard, I love that cell phone I remember the price because I bought it with my savings, Cost $ 30 arg ($ 1.50 usd)

iPhone 4

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An LG flip phone. Got it in 7th grade, guess that shows how old I am :joy:

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Wow i think a Firefly I have it now with me that was a present from my grandmother. (She always sent us presents form the U.S like a giant Box one for my brother and another one for me)

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I remember thinking I was HOT SHIT having this back in elementary school. This thing was a trooper and made it through lots of chocolate milkshake spills.

A Motorola

iPhone 6

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An iPhone 5c :slight_smile: I miss those days

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Jesus Christ a firefly lol


My uncle had that phone and I was so jealous of it

I had a nokia in the 5th grade, I think it was this model or at least something similar – Nokia put out a lot of phones lol

Edit: I found like 5 other similar models lmao it’s at least one of these: E70, E51, 1208, 3110

nokia 1100 ! legendary phone

HAHHA was amazing tho its cute

iPhone 4s

I hated it so much :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



The flip up Motorola (which was originally my mum’s) and then my own acer

Lol my first phone was this one :joy:telephone_portable_enfants_MOBKID2

My first phone was given to me, mainly just because it had a few silly games on.

Then my first proper phone that I used.

I used a slide phone from T-Mobile