What was the reason?

i think this is a critique as well.

I do ok numbers wise, but i have a problem wherein people will like all of my content but never follow. Which produces a weird disconnect for me. Because in my mind, if you like someones whole page, you’re naturally going to follow them so you can continue seeing their stuff. This has become more prevalent for me lately. Sometimes i post 2-3 bytes a day. And some days i only post once, it really depends on what headspace I’m in at that moment. So i guess the question that follows is, what makes you like bytes but not follow or follow but not like?


Sometimes I just forget. Sometimes, I’m just waiting to see if people are consistently posting the kind of stuff that I like. Sometimes I feel unsure about it in general but then they reply to one of my comments and stuff. I don’t really get it either.

To me following someone is saying that you like the person.


Lots of comments in here discussing what you’re talking about.


For me it’s more than just being entertaining it’s also about connections. I want to know if you are going to be a potential friend more than anything. This is where I’d recommend checking out the pages of the people who liked your page and liking at least one piece of their content.

A good strategy may even be to like and comment on their page the following day. That way they may revisit your page and go “oh yah I remember this guy! He seems cool I’ll follow him.”

With that being said I’m not trying to encourage follow-for-follow, like-for-like, rebyte-for-rebyte culture. The people that like my top 5 posts as soon as I like something from their page come across fake and I ignore them. I usually try to go the extra mile and go through someones page and find one piece of content I really appreciated by them and let them know. If you work on developing a relationship with your fans I think you’ll find a return on the follower count.


See youre in line with my thinking on the matter as well!
What ive been doing is when i see someone going on a liking spree is going to thier page and liking some of their stuff(not spam liking), usually the first 1 or 2 things just to see whats what. Ill even comment if its truly chuckle inspiring, which i do for everyone. Because its fully possible to type lol and never laugh. Which is why i try to never do it UNLESS im laughing cause otherwise it feels disingenuous to me.

That makes sense, i have never participated in that culture of R4R or what have you. That was a long the lines with one of the bytes i made a few days ago. I hate liking more than 3 things one someone’s page, because i feel like im being spammy. But then the other part of the conversation would be. How are they going to know you like their content, if you don’t actually press the like button on their content?


Great looks like you’re already on the right track!

I’d say just keep working on growing connections. While follower count is always a good goal to focus on, that follower count means nothing if those followers aren’t actively engaging with your content on a daily basis. In marketing we use the term “super-fan” when it comes to social media and those are the people you really want on your page.

There are some marketing tricks that some businesses try to use where they just buy followers. While this increases their numbers and makes them look more credible, it’s honestly pointless as these followers don’t ever do anything with your content. You want those superfans interacting with you content. If someone likes your stuff and you go to their page and interact with their stuff, but they don’t show any incentive back, they may not even be people you want to count as your followers since they would increase your count, but may never engage with your content again.


thank you for addressing both questions. this isn’t reddit but have some gold! :star2: :star2: :star2:


haha gold and a solution. I don’t know if my message was a soluiton per se, but I’m glad it at least offered some helpful advice!

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moreso it put it into perspective for me. I haven’t ever been one to truly sit and go well, x has this amount of followers and y(me) only has this amount. Im not in this for that purpose. But one can’t help but notice it when you’re taking a look at the bigger picture. That being said, i believe it a solution only because i think i have to shift my thinking as well. No one is on the same schedule, no many have the same amount of free time that i do. And not many think the same way. So its a matter of remembering that people do things differently from me and thats not necessarily a bad thing.