What was the best compliment you’ve ever gotten?

I was thinking to myself on the elliptical at my gym about this one compliment that a person gave me after my last musical and it made me smile. Every compliment is a great compliment but every now and then you get one that just makes you say, “Wow” cuz you’re so speechless :joy:

My compliment was given to me after doing one of the hardest roles in a musical I’ve ever had to do. I had to sing notes higher and lower than my range. After I was done, this professor came up to me and said that I remind her of Viola Davis (who has won an Academy Award, an Emmy, and two Tony Awards) and it astonished me because she has been my idol since Day 1. I didn’t cry but I was shocked!

So what was the compliment that made you cry, speechless, and/or smile intensely? :joy: it can be Byte related or just situations in life!


What a wonderful and empowering memory. Those are the types of moments you remember when you’re old.

This is mine from my daughter. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


THAT IS SO PRECIOUS :heart::heart::heart: I love how she had one thing to say and that was to make more chicken :joy::joy::joy:


Thank you! :slight_smile::yellow_heart: My kids are literally the best ones. I will stand by that until I die. :heartbeat::vulcan_salute:t3::joy:


I was starting out as a tour guide in NYC and was working those awful, awful double decker buses. Normally the loop through the city is 2 hours long, but during rush hour those tours can take as long as 5 hours and it’s daunting and emotionally draining and you run out of crap to talk about. I was in one of those tours once, and we were stuck for 2 hours going up 8th Avenue, which is the most God-foresaken, trashy, nothing of a road in New York City so I just started rambling about nothing. I’d have already been working 11 hours that day and so I was really punchy and a bit sappy and began ranting about the city, about my kid, about how the city I know it is vanishing, and a lot of worries about the future. The tour eventually ended and this middle-aged lady, as she was getting off, grasped at my shoulder, squeezed tight and said “you are a good person.”


It’s things like that that help people out so much more than they realize


Awwww. That’s so sweet. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heartbeat:


I can probably brag about a ton of comments I can get almost weekly but there’s one that was especially special to me.

My dad and I were at the supermarket buying groceries. Though we did self checkout, at the end of the tills there were collections for a small dance crew. I just felt compelled at the time to contribute since they barely looked older than me. So I dropped some money in and I walked on with my dad. As we were exiting out the door, he said “You’re a good person”.

Now, I love my dad as he’s always doing everything in his power for me and my siblings, but he’s not one to always hand out compliments. So this one was very validating to me and I’ve always tried to improve any way I can.


Compliments like that from the fam just make you smile all day. And you are a good person man :clap:t5::clap:t5:


I honestly don’t see it but some lady told me I reminded her of Prince :skull: This was when I had longer hair lmaoo i still don’t see it all but i’m very grateful she thought so :joy:


She saw that star potential fam :clap:t5::clap:t5:


aw shucks :slightly_smiling_face::stuck_out_tongue:


Back in art school I was the treasurer of the CoMix club (our cool name for “the comics club.”) And every year we participated in 24-hour comic day. You have 24 hours to write and draw a full comic book. It’s very hard but a lot of fun.

One year we had a special guest - David Mack from Marvel. David Mack is, for lack of a better term, a legend in the comics field. I was a huge fan and was pretty speechless the entire time. And he got to participate in actually drawing comics with us.

Everyone was going nuts drawing superheroes or being super funny but I was off in a corner, drawing a very personal story. And I had to leave early, so I didn’t get to completely finish like everyone else.

That night, after everyone else had finished, the professor who lead our club called me and said that David Mack talked about my comic THE ENTIRE EVENING and even on the way back to the airport. And that David had said “that kid’s got it. If he ever needs a job recommendation…he’s got one from me.” And then he later gave me a note with David Mack’s number.

Now, Marvel didn’t work out for various reasons. A couple artists I talked to…weren’t as supportive.

But I’ll never forget that. For the first time ever, a professional in a field I loved said I was good.


duuude I would’ve loved to be in that club. I used to love making my own comics back then. But daaaang, at least you know you could’ve had an opportunity to work for Marvel !! Oh & I love Marvel waaay more than generic ass DC lol


Occasionally people will comment on one of my videos and say it has vine energy. I don’t think there is a better complement someone could give me lol.


The best I’ve ever gotten is “you’re funny”


To paraphrase
After 7 long years of using this app daily, I saw your tweet and decided to delete the app, I hope you’re happy.


Ive had my art called beautiful :pleading_face: never had that type of compliment to it before. I mean i get it looks nice and stuff like that but never beautiful before. :pleading_face:


“my mum likes you”


Having someone high up that recognizes you is literally the best thing. It’s never happened to me, but it did happen for my brother and he didn’t stop talking about it for months. I’m glad you got the recognition you deserve man :clap:t5::clap:t5: