What Vine Legends Would YOU Like To See Return?

Now, we all know of the legends of Vine; Thomas Sanders, King Bach, Amanda Cerny, Jenna Marbles, every one of them and more have made us laugh on many occasions. But what I want to know is who would you guys like to see come back to the world of 6 second videos? There are many to choose from, so I’m not limiting you by any means! Leave a reply down below and let’s see who you guys and girls want back


Well, one of my faves is back already - Brittlestar. Daz_Black opened an account and posted one video. Sunny Mabrey is here. I would LOVE life if Arthur (the angry British guy always stuck in traffic) and Kopke613 would poke their heads in.


Awesome, Daz was fantastic on Vine so I can’t wait to see more from him. I’ll have to check out Brittlestar and Sunny Mabrey and see what they’re like and if Arthur returns, that would be a a miracle!


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Oh - And Brandon Bowen is out here too. I dunno how active he’ll be. He really got used hard and abandoned by the LA crew. I wouldn’t blame him one bit if he never goes back to full time content creation.

Non of them.

This is my platform now :sunglasses:

@ericvdunn already came back :fire::fire::fire: one of the funniest viners i used to binge watch :joy:

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Confirmed Viners that have returned (That I know of):
Eh Bee Family @/ehbeefamily
BatDad @/batdad
Josh Darnit @/joshdarnit
Eric Dunn @/ericvdunn
AliCattt @/alicattt
Daz Black @/dazblack
Thomas Sanders @/thomassanders (It’s authentic, if you ask how I know, I’ll have to kill you)
Jason Nash @/jasonnash
QPark @/qpark
Jay Versace @/jayversace
Brittlestar @/brittlestar
David Lopez @/davidlopezfilms
Evancredible @/evancredible
Johnnamazing @/johnna


Lance210 is also here

Bring Bach the king!!!


If Marcus Johns came back that would be insane lmao


The one and only Jake Holland aka PizzaBeardParty. His videos are always so dang positive, silly, and CREATIVE!!! He’s the reason I noticed Vine in the first place AND he’s how I first heard about Byte months ago.

If he ever liked any of my videos, let alone followed me, my chest would explode in a shower of radioactive kittens.

Seriously - it’s a condition. My doctor almost wants it to happen.

Thanks for this, I’ll give them a follow!

Yeah, I get you. And he has grown up from the kid we used to know, but I’m sure he still has that funny side left

Also, DeStorm is back too! He’s only posted a welcome back post so far but it’s still a good sign of things to come

I’m back Broom Broom


You forgot @TristanDodge

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Uh, I mean…hey, welcome to the app - I guess. Who are you? I definitely have never heard of you nor do I ever quote you every single time I drive my own mom’s car.

I’d want Zane and Heath from the vlog squad

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