What V***rs do you want to come back to V2

I’m wondering if any of you guys want the old viners to come back BUT PLEASE,Don’t say anything about the paulers.

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LIZA KOSHY :joy::heart:️:heart:️:girl:t4: She is a great v*ner and it would be awesome if she did v2


Well Many viners like Logan Paul , Christian , King bach , lele Pons , Curtis lapore and some more ( Actually not some probably much more :P)

Thomas sanders for sure

Gabbie hanna

There’s more discussion on this topic:

I think Logan is ban from v2. Not 100% if it’s true or not but that’s what I heard.

Just kingbach tbh

Honestly I loved editiors on vine and I hope to see new editiors on v2


Yeah maybe we aren’t sure about that maybe logan is good with his youtube career now.

Dom said that no one is banned. Everyone is welcome. And he can’t be banned automatically from something that hasn’t even come out yet.

Could someone merge this topic?

I’m hoping that a lot of the “please stop” or “calm down” meme accs will come back :joy:

ohhh! the article i read was fake then, thank you! thats good that no one is getting banned from the app!

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Tbh (8 char)