What Type of Content Do You Want To See on v2?

Comment below what type of videos you want to see when v2 comes out in the summer?


It would be interesting to see fitness videos don’t on V2. Like maybe each video demonstrates just one workout and how to do it? That would be pretty cool! What are you interested in seeing?

Comedy & edits

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I would like to see stuff that has been done before mixed with new styles, ideas and new ways of thinking and creating


New things, like music or fitness content

Every content really

One word: Quality


preach lol

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comedy and skits.

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Memes sound good


Comedy, music and fanedits are the main things I’m excited to see.

hmm… Fitness videos would be interesting to see on this platform :thinking:

Mainly comedy but I’m excited to see what everyone comes up with :smile:

Unique and brand new things, v2 shouldn’t be too similar to vne . And having new ideas would really make your content stand out !!