What type of comedy will you be creating?

I know that there are threads about people asking what type of content others will be doing (e.g. Music, Comedy, Art, etc…).
This thread is aimed at those who will be doing comedy on the v2 app. What type of comedy will you be doing?

E.g: Dark comedy, Physical comedy, Lip Syncing comedy (musical.ly), Sarcastic comedy, Relatable comedy, Voice Over comedy (Ghetto Spongebob, etc…), Random comedy (Comedy without any context, very random but still hilarious), etc…

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To be honest I will be doing all because most of the comedy that I will be doing is based around my personal humour and I find most of those categories funny

EDIT CAUSE I MISS READ: idk what a lip syncing comedy is??

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random comedy i guess?

Probably awkward comedy

With the few “test” videos I’ve made (and the ideas I have in my mind for what I want to do) I guess it would be kind of a mixture between dark, sarcastic, physical, and random. A lot of my comedy is inspired by Billy Eichner, Nathan Fielder, Eric Andre, Conan O’Brien, and others. So a mixture of at least those first 4 are kind of what I’m going for in a character I’m planning on doing. The best way to describe that mixture would be “in your face” and outlandish but subtle and witty. That probably makes me sound super pretentious though :laughing:

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I’d be doing skits, rants and random comedy

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Tf is a lip syncing comedy?


Random most likely, will depend on my mood tbh

I have no idea i wanna knw now to like tf :rofl:

No it should be categorised in the “Cringe and No Talent” category


Gaming comedy / rants about those things for the stuff I script out, and then random comedy every so often when I see something I have to make a video about!

Maybe Lipsyncing comedy is those where the person would lipsync to popular tv show/movie scenes on their own comedic ways? kinda like Dubsmash

that is exactly right

I don’t have everything planned, I know I will do comedic vines, that’s all. Maybe relatable comedy, random and whatever comes up at to my mind at the moment

Relatable, random, and maybe something else

Most likely very random but still hilarious. I don’t think I’m ever gonna be any sort of popular on V2, but I’ll try! Either random or dark comedy. Like one of my favorite vines is this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZuFj9dSaBQ

Anything that comes to mind but I have a darker sense of humor compared to some

Definitely dark and sarcastic humor. I’m too gosh darn sarcastic and it would rub off of me in a video

I’d say I’ll be doing random comedy

I’ll be doing retard comedy