What should we do about content stealers?

So @dom I’ve been seeing reports on the internet about people who steal content from byte or other platforms. What do we do about them?


i guarantee dom is aware and has already started brainstorming ideas on how to end these people :fist:t5:


Does this extend to people reposting videos entirely? Cause it seems like another branch on the same tree. Instead of putting their own spin on things they steal it entirely.


Someone said Santa Clause isn’t real, is it true guys? :pleading_face:


I’ve been seeing a fair share of drama regarding stealing content. Well, there’s two kinds of stealing content, really; 1. Just a straight up repost of something from Instagram / Twitter / YT, or 2. Taking a script or lines from another skit or platform or Vine, and then just copying it and claiming it’s your own.

No names, Dom’s said unnecessary drama doesn’t fly on the forums. But as far as acknowledging “stolen content,” well, I would think the 1st kind of stolen content is to be filtered out by whatever the team has planned for the algorithm and Rebyte changes – the reason reposted videos with titles like don’t forget to follow me lmao get popular or trend on a page is only because of the power of rebyte groups that just bombard them with likes, making small creators or new users who are left out of the community feel like they’re being cheated. The algorithm nerfs and changes to tools should mediate this.

With the second type of content stealing, where it’s just ripping a skit straight from another user, there’s not really anything you can do about that. Kind of like how some stand up comedians plagiarize each other’s material, there’s not much you can do – you can’t really slap them on the wrist either for it, nobody really just owns a joke or something, unless they’re just entirely reposting their video. It’s more scummy than it is illegal, but from what I’ve seen, users partaking in this have been called out by other creators, so don’t think it just goes unpunished.

At the end of the day, we’re just people looking for a place to belong and for some quick laughs, there really isn’t a need to be at each other’s throats or to be so competitive over some virtual likes on a 6-second video.


I wouldn’t even be mildly upset with the last bit about copying a skit or joke. IF(big if) they gave credit. It’s disheartening to work so hard on something then have someone steal and you get no credit. I get that we’re essentially in that creative field of the internet where things are reproduced and replicated more often than not. But basic decency goes a long way. And it absolutely takes no time to reach out and say HEY i liked your stuff. Mind if i redo it? Credit to original creator of course. But still thats a lot better than just stealing it. And taking credit for it.


some of the ways that i’ve seen are people not crediting anyone


Sacrifice em.




what about homage videos? i remembered posting a video directly from 5 second films to pay homage to them (they were there before vine even started)

i even posted a shoutout to them in the description

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people steal content regardless of being told not to :thinking: it’s a wishy washy world


People are stealing jokes without crediting the original posts? Rude. At the least, they could tag people.