What’s your follower goal?

How many followers do you want before you move on? I want 200k at least but 2 million would be really cool.

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I just plan on grinding and whatever I end up getting, that’s what I’ll get. Ofc id love 100k+ but again it’s just whatever happens!


I’d be happy with 20k at the least but I’d probably never move on from v2 so I’m probably gonna keep posting on there

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If I were to move to something like youtube? Probably 1-2 million followers. Guaranteed half of them would subscribe, half wouldn’t.


I’d even be happy with 3k :joy: just on v2 for the fun not money!


My starting goal would be either 1k or 10k followers, just to be safe.

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10k would be really cool

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Well on my old account I had 24.9k but that’s over the course of about 2 years… So hmm… I would be happy to be gaining any amount of followers but to start off a goal I’ll say 1k

It’ll tell me that more people are enjoying my content :smiley:


1k is a good start!

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500 - 1000 followers is a great first goal!

as long as 1 person will find my content funny, i’ll be happy


Tbh 20,000+ would be cool. If I can get more followers than the population of my town that would be sick. I’m gonna try to get a lot more though. 200,000 sounds like a nice number. Obviously I woudn’t mind getting as much as posible but we’ll cross that bridge when it comes.

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Lol I’m not getting my hopes up my first goal would be 50-100 people, seems like a lot to gain. Of course there’d be people on the V2 forum community following me then I guess we’ll see where it goes from there.

just wanted to ask were u posting consistently for 2 years? and you got 24k throughout? :smiley:

I’d wish for 10K and see what happens from there

Yes I was posting consistently for 2 years :blush: Until V*ne got the boot. I will mention, though, I was a video edit account so my posts weren’t of myself. More of just my craft for the fandom(s) I used to have interest in back then.

I guess whatever I get would be cool although I’d like to surpass 5k at least aha

This sounds like such a pointless goal. The point of the app is to create content, not to increase your numbers. Please don’t try to promote empty following. As a content creator, I can honestly say empty follows are annoying af and when I was on Vine I usually blocked anyone who followed me if they followed too many people already. Because clearly they aren’t trying to watch my content.

There isn’t anything wrong with people worrying about numbers. Of course, they should have fun doing it, but numbers and goals are what matter on social media. If people didn’t bother promoting themselves, nobody would see their content. If nobody is seeing their content, there isn’t a point in producing that content. Numbers matter on any form of social media, even if the app was designed to ‘create content and not increase numbers’.


I’ve never seen anyone who only talks about their follower count ever create worth-while content. It’s always trash and yall need therapy