What’s The Secret

Hello all,

I just made my Byte account last night and I’m loving the feel of the app. I do have a few questions that I was wondering if someone with a little experience could shine some light on.
(If these questions have been answered elsewhere I do apologize)

Anyway, I notice how after about 30 minutes it seems as if no one sees my videos (not that they are anything worth seeing). Feel free to go look at a couple of my videos and let me know, my byte is @iamrobbsmith. (As he plugs his own byte handle)… But my question is, is there some sort of algorithm that chooses what videos to showcase more often or is it just random or is there a just so many flooding in that they get lost in the mix quickly? Is there a secret that I don’t know about or am I just as goofy as I look?:face_with_monocle:

My other question I had was in regards to what I believe are fake accounts. Is there an issue with fake accounts spamming likes and comments?

Any input, both positive or negative will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks All!


Make sure that when you post add the channel your posting to for example if am doing something similar to sports I’ll add sports as the channel. Hash tags don’t hurt. engaging with your first comments. The app just came out so am pretty sure this is also part of it. Don’t worry to much about it just stay consistent. I will be checking you out my name is @ujyes all together. If your byte is rebyted this definitely helps.


hashtags aren’t a thing (at the moment)

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It’s a bit iffy at the start, if you go and check in the latest section you can see bytes who are like a few seconds old but have around 5-8 likes already, and it’s these accounts that just like everything no matter what time of the day it is.

And for me I feel like there’s a cap of how much engagement my bytes get unless I myself start engaging with other users, liking their bytes, commenting etc. So you have to actively work to get engagement unless you’ve got like thousands of followers, then that’ll take care of it self eventually.

Landing enough likes might put you into the “for your consideration” by just achieving like 50-100 likes and then that will also show your byte to a considerably larger audience aswell boosting your engagements again, this is how I’ve experience it atleast. But keep pushing!


for now the best thing is to engage in the community and keep posting. we’re working on a new algorithm that will help new creators who post good stuff build an audience over time, which should help

some of the other tips here are good too :slight_smile:


hey, welcome to the app! :wave:t2:

i’d say just always try to choose a suitable channel for your byte. they seem to get an influx of likes instantly (either from the latest page, or the channel you’ve chosen). even my bytes struggle to get seen and i already have a following from the beta😅 but the team are working on a way for everyone to get seen in some form! keep a look out for announcements.

and by fake accounts do you mean people posing as celebrities/brands? definitely not allowed. their comments/bytes and profile should always be reported. you can also report to community@byte.co :star2:

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That makes sense. Thank you for the information!!

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Awesome! I’ll just remain consistent. I appreciate your response to my questions!

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What you mean by “New Algorithm” ??? is it like something all-new? maybe Server Station Rack with new Rack version of Mac Pro? to Work in New Features? I’m Really, Truly Curious! (Tell Me!).

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That’s actually exactly what I was referring to! Yeah it seems a bit odd, however, it is just starting I suppose. Thanks for your feedback!


The channel tip makes sense now. Thank you for taking the time to respond and help a noob!:black_heart:


We love you dom


Hey kudos to you man for asking for feedback. I would suggest making content that’s not old jokes. I didn’t check your content so I don’t know what kind you make but generally people are tired of seeing retold jokes… I’ve seen a lot of jokes that are just acted out versions of 6 month old picture memes. For example someone acted out a meme I even shared to a meme page months back. It went as follows;

Therapist: and what do we say when we feel like that?
Me: it be like that sometimes.
Therapist: no.

It’s a very simple meme but it’s been around for a while and being redone as a video isn’t truly original content. People love original content. But in a pursuit of original content, not all your jokes will stick. And that’s okay. You’ll find out what works and you’ll find out what doesn’t. Just keep going with it. Much love.


Hey, my guy! Welcome, welcome, welcome! I just joined about a week and a half ago as well, I’ll tell ya man, Byte so far is a small world but a welcome one. It’s cool being on this app in its early stages because, like, imagine it like growing up in a small town – everyone knows each other! It’s like a big network of everyone who knows each other, you just have to look in the right places, collaborate with people, get some love.

I’ve made a super mega thread on how to increase engagement, I know I sound like a shill but it’s just to help people out who need it. This is for you, my guy! <3 welcome to Byte!

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i think a new algorithm is just how they change the way posts are displayed based on metrics.

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