What’s on y’all mind

Talk to me. Tell me what you’re worried about or just chat with me. I wanna connect with you guys more so if something is troubling you or you just wanna learn a little bit more about each other feel free to :black_heart:


I’m being demolished in school because I’m so detached and aloof

I feel like I haven’t been “living” for years now, just existing. Makes it very hard to get anything done


Omg I’m so sorry you feel that way, my best advice is you need to detach yourself from what’s detaching you. Meaning just remove yourself from that toxic environment. However, if you can not do so please find something that refuels that fire in your heart, whether it’s a hobby or friends and family. Please don’t allow yourself to fall deeper and deeper into the darkness. If you haven’t, please try talking to someone in person about this :black_heart:


My biggest worry is things possibly not working out on byte.

This is the type of video app I’d been waiting for you years.

I want it to succeed, I care about the app, the community and I want to be able to grow with it and make income from it as opposed to solely from client video work.

I’ve been promoting it since December, it’s tough to get people to convert over form IG and Tik Tok.

I’ve managed to get a few but only super close followers.

I hope that the creator program boosts byte and I also hope the right creators to represent byte are chosen to be in the program.

I may not make it in because my following on byte is not huge and while that may sting a bit if I’m being honest, In the big picture I want the app to thrive. I do have a big following on other platforms, hopefully I can convert them over time.

I’ve been putting in 4-5 hours a day 7 days per week. I feel like this app was the vision of what needed to happen in the future to combat other video apps that aren’t good for the world.


Thanks Hundo!

I am doing fine, just unproductive. It’s more annoying than anything. “The Darkness” is not unfamiliar territory for me, I’ve got ways to navigate it. Better ways now than I used to

Hell I’ve spent so much time in The Darkness I should look into getting a summer home there


I live in my car,no friends, no family, I keep all my money because I can’t afford to eat because no one wants to hire me mainly for the reason I live in my car, and I feel like I have a strong future in the social media game. But I don’t know what to do at this point in my life. I’m alone and lost and I am just waiting for my break. I’m a scared and have no clue what to do with my life.


You’re passion for this app is very commendable, I can tell you personally this app has a lot of potential and growth.

It’s still very much in its infancy stage and has a long way to go before it’s able to compete with other app like TikTok. Just give it time, trust the process, and the developers.

I promise things will work out. Also, try not to feel too bad about not getting into the partner program there will be plenty of more chance in the future

I can promise you that :black_heart:

Keep your head up king :black_heart:


I’m glad your able to make fun of your situation it tells me that you’ll be okay :heartpulse:

Stay strong fellow king


I’m so sorry, about your situation. All I can say is please please please don’t give up and know that the universe has a place for you.

I truly hope you’re able find a job and a better place to stay. I will definitely keep you in my prayers. :black_heart:

If you have anyone you can help better your situation please try to get a hold of them


I’ve tried, it’s a very difficult situation for me because nobody likes me down here enough to care or help me out. I’m quite literally alone out here lol


Do my 10+ page essay for me — I’m stress a little about it :upside_down_face::disappointed_relieved:


I’m worried about college atm. I’ve been failing some exams, even though I’ve studied for them A LOT. It keeps making me feel like a failure.

I’m also worried about Byte. Not the app itself, but about my content. I just don’t know if it’s funny for other people (since I make “comedy” videos) and there are times where I think that I’m not going to make it like my favorite Viners. They have been and they will always be an influence for me.

Anyways, yeah that’s what I’m worried about hahaha also I have to go for a walk right now and it’s very HOT outside, so i might melt lol wish me luck.


Honestly, I just feel like I’m barely getting noticed or recognized for my work. I typically work about 7-9 hours on each video, most of the time working until midnight, and I’m always trying new techniques and funny ideas. Yet when I hear people talk about what bytes/byters they think are cool and/or funny, I don’t ever see myself or my content on their lists.
I know I sound selfish here, and I know I’m not completely invisible, but sometimes I just wonder if I’m approaching content creation the wrong way here, if there even is a wrong way, that makes people forget or not even think of me or what I make. I honestly don’t know and it’s been bugging me. :man_shrugging:


What I’m seeing is a big Byter interacting with the lads on the forum no matter how big or small and I respect that. That’s on my mind. :slight_smile:

As for me, I really want to manifest some of Kawena’s latest byte right now 'cause it’s 7:30am and I gotta go to work F


Bruh, like, I’m SO freaken hungry and I’m way too lazy to go make something, but I don’t wanna spend extra money to have something delivered but like, I wanna eat like, Right Now and bruh, it’s just so hard to cope :tired_face:.

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Totally understand - outside of school do you havr any hobbies? For years when i was younger i felt ivwas living day to day and just going with the emotions and i think a way to get out of it is… whats a passion or hobby that can motivate u or bring color to your world? What drives u? Most importantly what can we do with ourselves to make us get out that comfort zone to get more out of life and uplifting others along our journey


Content is content that can also apply to other platforms - in the end theres brand equity on many platforms… the distractions of it not working out will distract u i think the best approach from my opinion is to just get better at your craft and continue to sharpen to saw, leverage all platforms, adapt and continue to build a community and provide value


Weekdays mean work for me so… just thinking about what I want to do on the weekend :smiley:


Give yourself longer time before making assessment of your video… example i told a friend the other day asking for advice saying i dont think i want to be a teacher… i told her u havent even gave yourself a chance to see if ud like it… perspective changes and in general in beginning people are transition, learning, feeling uncomfortable so not being happy with the engagements so far but give it time and work on getting better. Theres a market forneveryone


What kind of hobbies fo you have?