What’s next?

I’m keep this short and straight to the point. What’s the next goal for this app lol?


I think something with new features here and there, and slowly getting traction.

But idk. :man_shrugging:t2:

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I think right now the main focus is to just post content (while reporting bugs if you are in beta)- I know they are working on adding more categories (with some more niche ones too) that will help with getting more bytes seen.


I don’t know what’s next for the app but my next steps are to become a sell out and do sponsors for BetterHelp and Best Fiends


i- kawena lmao


Awareness a lot of people still don’t know about this app and even when I try to put people on the app they don’t believe it’s Vine 2 or they say they can’t watch any videos because of the loading.


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We’re all going to have a slumber party, paint each others toenails, and giggle about Harry Styles


To grow and build new friendships and continue to put out content that makes no one laugh. :joy:
(Sorry, I couldn’t resist) :pray:t2:


Everything is better


I think the next goal is to blow up and then act like we don’t know nobody


I’m pretty sure in the short term it’s categories as bails mentioned, and hopefully the “dislike” or “not for you” function that was spoken about a few weeks back. Perhaps a few more tweaks to viewer-focused features before they move back to creator tools.
Then in the medium term we’re probably looking at the more creator tools, since we’re still missing some features like splicing, uploading music, fades, etc.
Long term is analytics la di da.

Through another lens, I think the next “milestone” is to get the app in a place where the viewers will have a good experience so that they will stick around. Then the milestone after that is to polish the creator tools. Then to make sure the rest of the app is ready for a 1.0. Then marketing will probably follow.

Of course, I’m speaking out of my ass, but that’s how the timeline feels like right now.


I almost spit my drink out my nose lmfao


Pretty sure this is a brand new sentence :rofl:.


Channel Update, Algorithm Update, and DM Installation possibly? (Just my preference)

I think at some point, some sort of marketing should begin, like video articles on BuzzFeed and Nowthis will be a great start, for the app to be “where it should be” it will take a while, definitely not this year, the question is how to maintain or even grow its user-base while the app is getting “where it should be”, that is the challenge, if Byte can not attract people before it is “where it should be” then it should at least keep its current user-base, how do we do that? I don’t know, running Featured Pages (that was a lot of fun) expanding the scope of Byte Partners, and so forth, many ideas can be explored.

The community here is great, I believe Byte can stay and will make a huge comeback, and I will make sure to stick around to witness that. Until then, I shall keep my creative spirit alive and continue posting great content on the app!


Actually, you’re typing out of you ass, which is simultaneously gross and impressive


Idk if you heard but all of us were talking about learning how to carve wooden ducks as foreplay to the coleslaw orgy. It’s BYOK (bring your own knife) also just remember to social distance. Stay safe.


Lmao most of these responses making me lol rn. Haha but I think rn the Byte team is focused on getting the new channels the people have requested and working out the rules for said channels and making the channel art and such for said channel/categories whatever u wanna call them :3

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I can acknowledge that byte dev must be working extremely hard BTS; (fixing bugs, adding epic features, lurking here maybe, and much more) they’ve been silent for a while! I’m ready for another surprise/announcement update from them soon. whatever they have in-stored I’m here for it!

hype for byte! HYPE FOR BYTE! :blep:

byte team, if you’re reading this drain my energy like the good ole days! just for my excitements


Serious question. How many ads have made you actually install an app/game?

Most of the mobile games I’ve played have ads in them for other games, and I’ve installed maybe 2-3 over the years.

Do ads really work for anything on social media now, or is it all Word of Mouth driven?