What’s goin on?

What’s up, been a while since I’ve check up with the forums. So I’ve kinda noticed that updates have started coming out more slowly and less people seem to be active (maybe I’m wrong) but I hope the byte team is still working on improving this app and striving for more. I’ve just kinda gotten this vibe that the app is slowly losing its steam and will just be dropped (which I hope isn’t the case). Anyways happy holidays and hope y’all are doing well.


Also personal opinion, I think one reason the app has lost popularity is because it lost its uniqueness, I feel like byte has just become tiktoks younger sibling at this point, again just a personal opinion but I miss the aim for the app being more of a vine 2.0 than a tiktok 2.0


Personally I think engagement was up on the app between me and all my byte friends going into the holiday. It slowed down because of that obviously.

As far as the updates and stuff. We all feel that too and we are also asking these questions. We’ve been met with silence so far.

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