What podcasts do you like listening to and why?

comedy bang bang!

its a gold mine for character inspiration.

Welcome to Nightvale:
This is a fiction podcast, following a little dessert town that is kind of supernatural, in a kind of creepy way? And yet, it’s very charming and funny. The format of the podcast is a “Radio Show”, the official community radio show of said town. If you like fiction, good voice acting, and a healthy dose of weird and bizarre, then definitely give this a shot.
The same creators have other fiction podcasts as well, but I haven’t listened to them yet.

The Good Place, the Podcast
I feel like if you’ve liked The Good Place, listening to this podcast is a must. Also, if you are the creative type and want to improve the way you think about creative work, or if you want to be in traditional entertainment. Basically, you get to listen to some of the best people in their fields (From series creator to costume designers, prop designers and everything else).

One Shot
This one is for the TTRPG players/fans. This guys play one system for a month, I think? And then change to a new one. As someone who is tired of DnD being the only thing readily available to play online, I am a big supporter of things like this: making other systems easy to discover. This is the only Podcast I have found of the kind, but if any of you know other podcasts to discover RPG systems, please let me know!

36 Questions
For this one, let me just drop the official description, since I haven’t actually listened to it, only clips. But I love the concept, and can’t wait to try this -and more of the genre!- out for a while.
"In a last-ditch attempt to salvage their crumbling marriage, a couple uses the 36 questions—an experiment known for making strangers fall in love—to save their own relationship. Starring Tony-nominated actor Jonathan Groff and Jessie Shelton, “36 Questions” is the world’s first podcast musical—made for your ears only. "

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it’s a decade old now, but you ever listen to the Pod F Tompcast? It’s one of my favorite podcasts ever and I’ve been going through all the episodes again

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I haven’t but I love Paul F. Tompkins so I will definitely check it out


Nice list! Love, Love, Love 99% Invisible. I’ve seen a live broadcast of that one. Yup, I’m the nerd that goes to live podcasts! :heart_eyes:

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99 pi is also great for it’s length. Although hour long episodes are great, the 15 story is equally as impactful.

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First let me say, I am so happy to access to this type of media. Long form journalism has almost been obliterated and podcasts are an invaluable way to dive deeply into subject matter. YAY!

Here’s my PARTIAL list:

  1. Invisbilia , NPR delving into the hidden things at work on the human psyche

  2. S-Town—this is a twisty turny true story—so bizarre and with an unexpected driving force behind the insanity at the end. I COULD NOT STOP LISTENING

  3. Snap Judgment-“story telling with beat” saw this live in Oakland and it touched parts of me I didn’t know existed

  4. (This Is) Criminal—a look at crime stories but not in a salacious way—plus Phoebe’s voice grows on you—they now do “This Is Love” for balance-Yay! Saw this one live too!

  5. Radio Lab—you gonna learn stuff oh yeah

  6. Hidden Brain—brain why you do what you do?

7)Lonely Palette–exploring art one painting at a time

  1. Freakanomics- “the hidden side of everything”

  2. Reply All- I usually don’t like shows where’s it’s a bunch of people just shooting the shit but the friendship between the hosts is so endearing you grow to really love them. I’ve listed to all the episodes start to finish to learn more about internet culture—why? cuz I kinda skipped it for many years

5)Heavyweight–“Heavyweight is a Gimlet Media podcast created and produced by humorist Jonathan Goldstein where he helps people try to resolve a moment from their past that they wish they could change.”

6)The Daily–New York Time looks at items in the news

7)The New Yorker Radio Hour --a magazine in a poscast, very well-done

  1. In Our Times (BBC) history, art, philosophy hundreds of episodes–great for taking a nap to :slight_smile: srly—the guests are always heavyweight luminaries in their fields

  2. The Heart–" is about intimacy and humanity. It’s comprised of a community of writers, radio makers and artists who make personal documentary work about bodies, love, power dynamics and all of the invisible things in the air between humans."

  3. The Stranger-- "From Lea Thau, Peabody award-winning producer and former Director of The Moth, comes the storytelling podcast Strangers. " Warning–New episodes no longer being produced

I could go on but if even one person listens to one podcast as a result of this post I will feel super stoked. Additional top notch podcasts @ Hub & Spoke a collective, Radiotopia, Gimlet & NPR XOXO!!!

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Freakanmics is one of my favorites!

I really enjoyed Bag Man by Rachel Maddow


Snap Judgement is a fantastic show! It is engaging and thought provoking.

Criminal is also great. I agree Phoebe’s voice is captivating. And the stories are top notch.


I forgot to add Twenty Thousand Hertz. This is a sublime podcast for sound history and sound studies:

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I always listen to podcasts while I work (I need some type of background noise) some of my favorites are Welcome to Night Vale, We’re Alive, Radio Lab, We Have Concerns, My Dad Wrote a Porno. I could go on and on.