What podcasts do you like listening to and why?

I’m not exactly a podcast person, but my girlfriend is and she got me listening to True Crime Obsessed (two friends watch true crime docs and recap them) and I’ve been loving it. I think besides the fact that it’s funny, it just feels good to listen to two people recount and cast judgement on one idiot who murdered another idiot in the past.


I listen to a couple true crime podcasts, a couple “supernatural encounter” podcasts.
Spooked!, American Hauntings, and then the Arkham sessions, where a psychologist analyses Batman villains are my top ones.




Lemme tell you, the REAL Batman villain is that frivolous playboy billionaire Bruce Wayne guy! Ever since Martha and Thomas Wayne were assasinated, he brought nothing but shame to Gotham and his family tree. Cads like him are why heroes like Batman need to exist!


Improper Etiquette, and Guys We F*****d were two i listened too. Both are hosted by women, but Guys We F****d had more interesting stories (odd relationship encounters). I would listen to that one as I was sleeping (mostly for the female voices).


Hello Internet to hear what’s up with Grey and Brady and the Internet

ADV Podcast to see what’s up with China

High Rollers and Adventure Zone for DnD

My friends also live stream DnD which I listen to

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One of my friends was on Guys We F’d as one of the guys they bangin’. He went by a fake name which is funny because he also has a very, very distinct voice so it’s not hard to tell it was him if you knew him.

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Views by David Dobrik & Jason Nash :love_you_gesture:t4::fire: bruh it’s everything


I’m really heavy on GaryVee’s podcast, he’s inspired me so much and changed my life. I always knew I was creative guy, but I never really executed on any platforms. He definitely gave me a push to stop worrying about people’s opinion and start doing more than thinking and I’m already way more happier in life than I used to be.


Podcasts…first thing that came up to my head was “Serial”, by Sarah Koenig…probably the most known one related to crime podcasts. I remember listening to it a couple of years ago and I was so addicted to it haha


Darknet Diaries


#1- I have learned a great deal about tech by listening

#2 - I learn about cyber security

#3- They are entertaining

#4- The stories are interesting

#5- It gives me something to talk to tech friends about

#6 - Jack Rydsider the host has followed me on Twitter since he first launched

#7 - I helped him promote his podcast from his first couple of episodes

#8 - I think knowing tech security is valuable and this helps me keep up on it while being entertained at the same time.


I’ve been listening to Zane and Heath: Unfiltered. These two together and Matt King are hilarious, recommend it!


you guys should listen to @CodyFreeberg’s podcasts. he’s so interesting and speaks about various topics like generational differences and the byte community without an ounce of bias.

i haven’t listened to a few lately but i’m planning to use this quarantine as a chance to support him some more.

show him some love on spotify - he’s @/cfcontent



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Kitchen Sisters:

Great podcast on several topics, but their series on lost and found sounds is sublime. Great if you’re into sound studies, the history of sound, and the like.


Podcast about food history, food science, and foodways. Highly recommended if you have ever tried food.

99 percent invisible:


Short, digestible podcast concerning the design and history of “mundane” or “obscure” things.

Theory of Everything:

Each season is a longform discussion and investigation into a central theme. Last season was about false alarms our relationship with information.

The Allusionist:
History of words. Etymology. Definitely worth a listen.

The Goes the Neighborhood:

Longform discussion on and investigation of gentrification.

Paris DJs Podcast:


One of the most consistent music podcasts I’ve heard in the last 2 decades. Dub, funk, jazz, soul, disco, Latin, they do it all.

Junk Food Dinner:


Weekly Podcast about schlock, shock, Avant garde, Grind house, and popcorn cinema.

Talk is Jericho:

It’s Chris Jericho. It’s Wrestling. As such, it is, according to John Oliver, better than the things you like.


Longform investigative history of crime in a particular city. Season one covered Boston. Season two covers Detroit.

Gaslit Nation: speaking of crime…



If you want something relaxing to listen to and you want to laugh a stupid amount, I would highly recommend Dynamic Banter. It’s two comedians talking about nothing. And it is my favorite thing. Similarly, one of those comedians has a podcast with his wife and they offer a lot of great life/relationship advice. It’s called Welcome To Our Podcast.

I used to listen to True Crime Obsessed, but the hosts quickly became irritating, and the Facebook group was kind of toxic. I no longer wanted to be associated with it. Nowadays I listen to Serial Killers, Crime Junkie, Necronomipod, and My Favorite Murder.

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Ooooh, what type of toxic? I love reading toxic community gossip.

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They became very judgy and shallow. Like I get that’s the whole point of the podcast, but it became really toxic because if you don’t agree, then everyone bands up together and tells you you’re wrong. It’s a toxic echo chamber.

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I pretty much only listen to comedy atm and the range of comedy is all over the place. lots of Maximum Fun shows are good “MBMBAM” “The Advertised zone” “Mission to Zyxx” “Story Break” and they have other good stuff. And then there are things like “Improv 4 Humans” “comedy bang bang” and what not. Also if you want to go a tad more underground and edgy you can check out “podcast about lists” or “Episode 1”. Also this isn’t a podcast but I recommend “The Not Even A Show” on YouTube. He also does a podcast.

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