What people are saying on Twitter about v2

People are saying on Twitter that they think that v2 wont be as big as vine was, so it kinda got me thinking about this nEw app now, but what do you guys think, do you think it will be big as vine are what???


Even if it’s a slither as good as vine was it will big.


i really have high hopes for it, vine was something that the internet needed.

and for a better (or even similar) version of it to come out

itll only see positivity


It all really comes down to the creators. A lot of big names that started their careers on Vine have been vocal about their excitement around Dom’s app.

Also I’ve seen a TON of articles online providing readers with updates on the new app, I didn’t see any of that with the vine-spin-offs.

I think it will be a success.


Overall, its very hard to tell how things will turn out in the future. Can just hope for the best and use the app when it comes out and see what happens

Also, from a logical standpoint, the benefits of making videos on Byte in relation to outcome are much greater than the negatives, so no harm in trying


I don’t think any short, looping video app could ever reach the popularity that Vine had because Vine was completely unique at the time. Now, there are all kinds of copy-cat apps, so, the short, looping video thing isn’t new anymore.

But if Dom and his team do this right, they could come very close to duplicating the success that Vine had. Only time will tell!


based off of what @dom said about some of the features and what this app is I think it will be better than v*ne because it has a lot of features I wish the old app had and one of the many reasons twitter pulled the plug on it was because it barley changed or updated with new stuff. I have faith that this will be even better.

haha indeed it will big


Lhh I cant wait to will big

Vine was huge, and tbh it will be extremely hard to match that. Vine was up there with Snapchat and Instagram. We might be able to get close, however getting it back to the level where the original Vine was will be a helluva feat.

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What made Vine what Vine was the community. If we have a big and creative community, it will be as huge as Vine.