What new features would you like to see?

I had an idea that we could almost create playlists of vines we make to be viewed on our profiles, such as categories for skits or

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Basically all of these

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This post is filled with so many, maybe you will like some from there:

i accidentally posted this twice? i flagged it but how do i delete it? won’t give me an option

okay thanks

That’s strange. I can flag it but don’t take it personal

Omg a personal playlist that others could see is actually a pretty good idea

nevermind, think the original got deleted so don’t flag pls lol

yeh i was thinking it would be cool or you could put your most popular vines in one and pin it to your profile so your page is better :slight_smile:

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Oh wow that’s actually a super cool idea

hopefully more people add ideas so the creators can see this? maybe share the link i’m new to this


I’m sure all the moderators of the forum try to look at as many posts as possible. So I’m sure they’ll see ur idea

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okay thanks for the help, cool name btw matt’s are cool :wink:


Good idea, it would be nice to be able to make playlists and watch all of your favorites easy.

yes maybe other people’s vines too so it could open the possibility of feature pages to help certain categories of V2ers to grow?

Ur welcome. And yes Matt’s are cool :joy: I’m actually beginning to see so many Matt’s on this forum nowadays

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Nice :ok_hand:t3:

You cant delete a post, you can change it

that is a really good idea


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