What Makes the Forums Different?

Well, I’m sure that a lot of people see that the Forums are the most civilized and respectful place to talk to people. But what makes our community different from others? I’m aware that size is an important factor, but how can we keep this goodness and respectfulness going. How can we let people know that this is good? Places like Twitter, Youtube, etc. have some fairly strong toxicity. Any ways this could be preserved? this community is awesome, and that makes it more special than other places on the internet :slightly_smiling_face:


I think in the forums, we are a select group of people that all share one common goal and priority of contributing towards the betterment of the V2 app development which helps maintain the positive energy, and as long as we keep this vision at the center of our discussions and remain detached from our egos the respectful conversations will continue. But I don’t know how this could be preserved when the whole world is invited to interact when V2 comes out. I know @dom has mentioned community guidelines that will hopefully reduce negativity on the platform, but the details have not yet been outlined.


Very True!


read a post I created. also, I feel as everyone on these forums are amazing, many og formers moving on to v2 will be kind and positive however, with some people who didn’t start off on the forums they might have a slightly different attitude.

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This is different because we are good persons, we dont hate anyone and we can have a really good talk each others. We can have a debate and no one will get angry. We all have the same objetive and we work together, we want the app and we want to help everyone in the group.

Sorry i said a lot of “want” in the my answer :laughing:

I mean…

We’re Pretty Litty


@ThomyBalca Agreed :grinning:

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I think what makes us different is not just that we strive to keep up a level of positivity. What makes us different is why we’re here. We’re all here, waiting for something amazing to happen. We’re encouraging each other and meeting each other before v2 even begins, and I think these new acquaintances people are making with each other now can go a long way later in the form of collaborations, friendships, etc.

We’re all waiting for v2. But we’re waiting for it together, not alone.

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True, thank you for this one

One of the things I appreciated when I first jumped in was the whole “Promote Yourself” category. Some people abused it, but for the most part, people respect those who flaunt their stuff. I appreciated the ability to do it without feeling like a giant pile of pond scum. I didn’t get many followers off my promotion, but it was nice to have the ability.

This allowed me to get it out of the way and then to immerse myself into the conversations because I wasn’t worried about trying to squeak in a personal promotion on a topic that was being diacussed.

Kane out.

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it is bringing like minded people together and forming a community.