What’ll your Byte username be?

With the name announcement and beta coming soon what are y’alls usernames gonna be? I’m trying to think of a funny one but you can’t do much with the name summer so🙃 reply with your ideas below!!! Also do you think previous “famous” creators will keep their old usernames?? Let me know!!

There are already topics about this on the forum.

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Didn’t see this one thanks! but I was also opening the discussion of previous creators and how they would deal with beta testers getting to the app first and stealing their original names

Yes I think that they should reserve previous creators usernames so that people can take take them.

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That would be something nice as an added feature for the beta testers

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:indonesia: well hope soo…

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Welcome to the forums. Happy to see a new face! :smile:

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I’ve been here since February but just started actually using it more about 2 months ago thank you!

Closed. Duplicate topic. Please search before creating topics. Thanks.