What kind of V2 posts will you guys make?

Categories like comedy, life, sports, action. Let’s talk about what might be popular on V2


My friends and I will be in comedy for sure then I’ll be doing some crazy stunts too. Like jumping into a frozen lake or snowmobiling across a normal lake. Then car surfing! Also shopping cart down hill​:joy::joy::joy:


so many topics like this! make sure to search if the topic you want to post is already posted by others so there’s not a lot of repetition.


probably memes, comedy and stupid stuff

Not sure yet lol

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Comedy and music mainly. i’ll probably try to combine the two :wink:

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Musical comedy :joy:

Probably skits. I might expand my content but Im not sure just yet

i saw the ideas of people and they are the same as what the old gen of viners did man we are the new gen we should do everything different