What Kind of Reward System Are You Guys Hoping V2 Will Have?

Continuing the discussion from Rewards, Trophies and Achievements:

  • Crown the most followed users
  • Verify anyone over 50k followers
  • No reward system

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I think we don’t need any reward. But the verify is needed.

In addition, i hope some kind of achieviement to the people from this community, to be helpulf for before the app. Like the people who play the beta of a game and when the launch the app they earn some rewards who play the beta like skins o this kind of things. Its a example, i just wanna love to have some recognition to be part and help the people before the app will be launch, What do you think? Do you wanna have some recognition to be an old member for the app and for be before the launch the app?

After the app will be launch i dont think neccesary but before yes, i would like to we have some kind of emblem to be part of the community before the app will be launch

this is actually a really good idea

Iam thinking to make a topic, What do you think?

yeah that sounds good get it out there for @dom to see

Cool, thanks for the support

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