What kind of phone will y'all be using for byte?

I’m in need of an upgrade so I’d like to know what everyone else on here is using.

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Samsung Galaxy S9 plus and a Iphone 8 :slight_smile:

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I’ll be using my Apple Airpods and my Apple iPhone XS

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just got the XR so… that

Just a simple iPhones 6 untill I can upgrade ! #ByteFam

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iPhone X

I got…TWO PHONES! lol iPhone X to film… and we don’t talk about the other one. :mask:


Nokia 3310


samsung galaxy s7

I have an iPhone XR I recently upgraded to from an iPhone 6. Worth it :+1:t4:


@AIexander AirPods got camera lens? :laughing:


There a lot of people with iPhones here. I have a LG G7 ThinQ

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i’ll be using my iphone 7 ~ :sparkles:

iPhone 6

No but I use them to flex

kind of an outie here lol, im using the oneplus 6t

I just upgraded town iPhone 7

I’m upgrading my iPhone 6 to an XR in a few months.

I’ll be using my Oneplus 6T

iPhone XS or a google pixel 2 xl depending on how wide I want the shot and what video quality