What kind of content would be banned?

I understand sexual or violent content would probably be banned, but what about coarse language and “pranks”? Fun pranks you play on your friends is fine and all, but we’ve seen people in the past do pranks in public to complete strangers. This shouldn’t be encouraged, but I’m not sure how it should be regulated. For coarse language, it seems to have been a big chunk of V*ne so I guess it would stay unregulated.

“Pranks” that harass other people or disturb the public aren’t really “prank.” I’m sure dom is aware of that, and there probably will be the option to flag a post.


Great to hear that

Violent/nsfl is a no go for sure.

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videos over 7 seconds long

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Racist, pornographic content, explicit content, bad jokes. Remember that V2 is +13