What killed V*** to begin with? Let's not repeat the first mistakes

For me personally, making videos longer than 6 seconds killed it. If I wanted to see those longer vids I would go to YouTube. I always thought that was a dumb choice. Keeping the app simple and light would be ideal. Thoughts?


I don’t mind trying to have this discussion, but in general let’s not overly criticize or eulogize. i think it could spiral quickly. for what it’s worth, some of us were pretty close to this and have a good idea of what went wrong. thoughtful suggestions and criticism are always going to be more helpful


In my experienced using Vine, I was seeing a lot of reposting. Both from people who had ripped the content from someone else, and from “famous” viners revining their old content. It gradually became harder and harder to find new and original content.

I definitely look forward to the “nope” button that was hinted at, because I love the idea of having a lot of control over your timeline. I think it also might be interesting to establish some sort of system where you could put in multiple categories or hashtags that you want to see on your timeline all at once, so that way you can always find new content around the topics you want to see.


Personally I felt like there was too much emphasis on this when Vine was ‘alive’. One could argue “Revine for Revine” got the ball rolling, but revines were a great way to see new creators. Up until the end, there were many of us who believed in it as a platform, and who did great things for community building. Even when longer vines came along there was a lot of them that were amazing. Ultimately I don’t think it was any one thing, but multiple nails in the coffin. Both visible and behind the scenes.

just the big names moving to youtube decrease the amount of people on vine

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