What Is Zynn

I seen an ad to a app called Zynn looks like a Tiktok has anyone heard of it before.

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they used bots to spam tiktok comments a while ago to advertise their app. it worked somehow but then they got taken off the app store and google play for copying something. surprised they got back on the app store and googl eplay

just a copy of tiktok with terrible owners (I noticed in the reviews on google play that some people earned money, so this is probably why it has been removed from the app store and google play but idk)

I seen an ad while playing among us. Looked boring

Zynn wants to be Tiktok. I’ve actually had an account on there just to test it out. It’s just a bunch of reuploads from other people across the web and there’s not even a search function.

this app is so dead, they don’t even have anything to show
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It was actually really popular in April I believe. Basically, they paid people to use the app and to invite friends. How it went is that you’d download the app, and bam, $0.30 would be sent to you via PayPal. Keep using the app everyday and you’ll earn almost $0.50 a day. (I believe) Next, invite your friends and earn and you’ll earn $6 per friend that signups using your code. This is how it shot up the App Store charts and was then banned by Apple and Google. The last time I used it, the rewards are completely stripped out of the app and it’s a unmoderated mess of questionable content with a probably entirely fake community. I kinda miss it. Just by installing the app on every old iPhone and iPad laying around my house, I earned enough to pay for a week’s worth of groceries, which was actually really nice early-quarantine.

sounds like invader zim lol