What is your height?

5’9 but on my money I’m 5’4 ahahaaa I’m broke as shit help a Neefy out pls ;-;

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I am in the higher echelons of tallbois on Byte, apparently

I’m a towering 5’14"

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6’2"* :smile: Doesn’t matter I made the exact same mistake months ago, I said 6’14" instead of 7’2", but I now finally understand how it works. lol :joy:

Us 5"11 people are under appreciated we basically 6"0 with shoes on


lol True!
6’'0 gang with shoes on!

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183 cm

That is so true. Lol

162 cm
5 feet 4 inches

Should’ve drunk more milk when I was younger :laughing:

6 feet

Feet? Wtf is that I‘m 160cm :pouting_cat::pouting_cat:


I’m 175 cm.
Why y’all using inferior units? :clown_face::clown_face::clown_face:

Y’all out here stacking Legos to explain your height calling out units inferior? Smh

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What?! cm makes so much more sense :heart:

100 Centimeters is equal to 1 meter because Centi is equal to 10^(-2).

You can just add prefix to ur units and you will know how large the value of that unit is.

SI units is so much better :star_struck: Period. :nail_care:

Damn thx I didn’t kno. Math sux

That all depends because I am nothing more than a collection of rats and spiders in a rubber Onkel Chrispy suit… sometimes the rats eat the spiders and I’m a little shorter after that. Stop asking such personal questions, why are you so nosy?

6ft :sweat_smile:

My 170 cm European Canadian ass lost in the imperial system :eye::lips::eye:

I’m not sure on the exact measurement but somewhere between a tiger on its hind legs and a particularly tall chimp

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