What is your happiest memory?

For me, it would have to be seeing Ninja Sex Party in concert. The show was amazing, the people were amazing, and I loved every second of it (: what about you guys?


I think it was the year of 2016 there wasn’t one bad memory! I was actually in a relationship, Music was dropping that gave me life, Warped tour, summer time was amazing Idk what else


My whole life has been pretty bad but like the light that shined through the darkness was when I met my boyfriend, im grateful for him for so many different reasons and just oof I would be in a really dark place right now had I not met him


I think it was the year is 2016 I had a girlfriend the music was popping, lolla, summer time was a blast too party’s and new adventure! Idk what else to tell you :):grin:


Any time I went camping.


I remember commenting this somewhere before but honestly just spending time with my dog in the sun having fun with him by my side and earlier memories from when I was very young would be with my grandad and my family


When I received the news that I passed my exams. I could literally feel all the pressure I’ve had for three years disappear.


I won box seats to the Packer game when they played the Seahawks. Unfortunately we ate beforehand because we didn’t know there would be unlimited food in there. But yeah it was such a good day.

my family moves a lot because my dad’s in the military, and I’d have to live in places like germany where the language barrier really shrouds over any fun I could experience. The moment we moved back to the states in 2016 was absolutely amazing. I could go to walmart, taco bell and cinemark again :joy: I think warped tour was fun (rest in peace warped tour) and going to a travis scott concert was pretty fun, but just having people around me speak english really makes a difference ngl

Being in 5th grade running thru the grass with my friend