What is your age?

Hey! I’m just curious as to know the age of all you current/ soon to be content creators. I’m 20 myself. It could be interesting to see the diversified demographic that Byte will have.


Hey idk if you are new or not but if you are welcome! I’m 19 but remember to use the search bar to see if similar topics have been created before creating a new topic .
Here’s a similar one: How old is everybody?


18 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I´m 20 :innocent: But if I want to buy alcohol (in Germany legal at the age of 16 and the "hard stuff with 18) i still have to show my ID :joy: who can relate or am I the only one with a “baby face”? lol


Im 24😂

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I get asked everytime haha (I live in canada- age is 18 here). I even got asked when buying a LIGHTER a few weeks ago

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Thanks Oren

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I am 25! (:

Hello! I’m new here, I’m 17 and can’t wait to be part of the new app

welcome!! :grin: