What is this profile on Twitter? DOM?



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I’m so hype for V2 (just in case anyone couldn’t tell)

V2 doesnt have an official twitter

v2 doesn’t have a twitter, just ignore this.

There are a bunch of these fake twitters/Instagram accounts everywhere, don’t believe anything you read on those.

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They just want attention

Does nobody care about a verification checkmark anymore?

Follow @dom on his twitter, only reliable source.
He provides updates and announcements of the app and the forums.

it’s a fake account


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I realize it’s fake but they started talking about releasing within a few hours from now lol

Actually yes it does now :smiley:

Here’s the post and link to the twitter account, let’s get Dom verified!

As Dom has said, the only official twitter for V2 is @v2app. Everything else is false.